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PUTRA SRIWIJAYA ELEKTRIK who located in Jakarta, Indonesia has been building a reputation for providing quality equipment, parts, and accessories that are engineered to last. Our product line includes engines, compressors, chemical pumps, generator sets, innovative electronics, and genuine parts to a variety of oilfield and industrial markets.

Arrow Engine stocks a vast array of replacement parts for a wide variety of engines. We carry nearly every replacement part you need to keep your engine running longer and better. When your engine needs repair, ask for genuine Arrow manufactured  parts.
Arrow knows that your products performance depends on quality parts. As the OEM for C-Series, K-Series, L-Series, and A-Series gas engine product lines, as well as chemical pumps, compressors, and associated products, we carry the very best parts and the most complete selection available anywhere. We have what you need to keep your Arrow product running at peak performance.


1. 10 Series BEAM operated CHEMICAL PUMP
The Arrow 10 Series Beam Chemical Pump provides a reliable and versatile means of injecting chemicals under any operating conditions. The Arrow Series 10-B Beam Operated Chemical Injector Pump is available in either single or double head configurations with steel (standard) or 316 stainless steel heads for corrosion protection. The Arrow Beam Pump is normally located at the base of the Sampson post on the pump jack and mechanically connected to the walking beam with the ASA-700 beam clamp assembly furnished with each pump.

2. 12 Series CHEMICAL PUMP
The Arrow 12 Series Chemical Pump operates on gas or air at a regulated supply pressure of 15 to 75 PSI. It is constructed of high quality 316 stainless steel, with the piston rod composed entirely of 17-4 PH. Buna and Viton packing are available. The stainless steel timer assembly contributes to a longer life for the chemical pump. Due to the small piston volume, the 12 Series Chemical Pump is extremely economical to operate.

3. 430 Series Chemical Pump-Electric Powered
The Arrow 430 Series chemical injection chemical pumps are electric motor driven, positive displacement pumps utilizing an integral worm gear drive available in three different standard ratios and four plunger sizes to provide a wide selection of volumes and pressures from 1 QPD up to 80 GPD per head against pressures up to 2400 PSIG. The standard packed plunger injector head with built in priming valves are virtually trouble free. Standard chemical pumps are available with high strength ductile iron or 316 stainless steel fluid ends to handle a wide variety of chemicals used in oil and gas production facilities, pipelines, process plants and other applications where a rugged, easy to maintain, a proportioning pump is required.

4. Series 500 chemical Pump
The Arrow Series 500 chemical injectors, engineered to precision specifications, are positive displacement units with integral gas motors. You will find the horizontal plunger and vertical resilient check valve arrangement will assure you of high operation efficiency.

5. Series 510 Chemical Injectors
The Arrow 510 Series chemical injector chemical pumps, engineered to precise specifications, are single acting, positive displacement plunger-type pumps, powered by a diaphragm motor with a spring return. These chemical injectors/chemical pumps are used in the introduction of de-emulsifiers, solvents, corrosion inhibitors and de-salting agents into oilfield operations.

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