WILLIAMS-MILTON ROY Chemical Injection Pumps and Parts in West Java, Indonesia


Putra Sriwijaya Elektrik with proud to be  a independent distributor company for selling WILIAMS-MILTON ROY Metering Pumps and spare Parts in Indonesia and also as well as LINC-Milton Roy.
The Williams lines of pneumatic metering pumps are ideally suited to precisely inject a wide variety of chemicals designed to meet your specific requirements. Made from 316 stainless steel materials which offers superior chemical compatibility and resistance, whether low volumes or high pressures let us select the right pump for you? Plunger , diaphragm, or hydraulically actuated diaphragm pumps are available all include the MK XIIA Controller which generates pneumatic pulses to stroke the pump.1. W Series Plunger Pumps
The Williams W Series pump is capable of precisely injecting chemical into a wide variety of process applications. Whether you need to inject a catalyst in a reactor for a refinery or high volume batch dosage treatments offshore such as biocides for water and fuel treatments. The W Series pump can deliver up to 90 gph (336 liters per hour at pressures up to 2500 psig (172 barg). Made from chemical resistant 316 stainless steel to hold up to the harshest of environments from offshore to remote locations, Williams pumps keep your process going.2. V Series Plunger Pumps
The V Series pump is a range of compact, self-contained, pneumatic metering pumps suitable for injecting a wide variety of chemicals. The pump comes standard with a MK XIIA Controller (pneumatic air motor) which has an adjustment knob with a range of 3-45 strokes per minute. The pump also includes a micrometer adjustment which reduces the volume per stroke complete with a locking knob once desired volume is obtained. Between stroke length and stroke rate the pump is capable of a achieving a 100:1 turndown to inject precisely the amount of chemical you need to inject.3. WILROY Series Hydraulically Diaphragm Pumps
The WILROY metering pump is a unique blend of Williams and Milton Roy pump technology utilizing the best features from both designs to create a new robust pump with unique features and proven technology. The WILROY utilizes the hydraulically actuated diaphragm of the mRoy pump and the pneumatic drive of a Williams V Series plunger pump. This combination provides chemical containment of a low maintenance diaphragm with the convenience of a high-turn down pneumatically operated pump with a stroke rate from 3-45 strokes per minute and along the ability to adjust the precise amount of chemical injected using the volumetric adjustment knob. A built-in replenishment of the hydraulic oil is achieved with the recirculation of every stroke of the pump while air is purged from the hydraulic oil ensuring repeatability and accuracy with every stroke of the pump.


1. MK II & MK VII Oscillamatic Controllers
The Oscillamatic Controller can operate with all Williams pneumatic metering pumps by sending a pulse of air or gas to the pump, which causes the pump to stroke and inject chemical. After sending the pulse to the pump air/gas exhausts allowing the pump to return to its normal position awaiting the next signal from the Oscillamatic Controller.2. MK XIIA Oscillamatic Controller
The MK-II Oscillamatic Controller is a pneumatic pulser/timer used to operate the Williams series of pneumatically operated pumps
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