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PSE INDONESIA has a wide range of options available for chemical injection pumps which are useful for a large number of industries. Among all options, TEXSTEAM chemical injection pumps by GE Energy are the most popular for their dependability and overall total quality. These  TEXSTEAM chemical injectors are designed to make pipelines flow continuously, take care of corrosive particles in natural gas and so many more applications across different industries.
Texsteam pumps are made for durability and have been known to have a consistent track record of very long working lives. The popular models among Texsteam pumps are the 1200 Series, 2200 Series, 2400 Series, 2500 Series, 3700 Series, 4300 Series, 5000 Series, 5100 Series, 6100 Series and 9000 Series models.
Texsteam offers a broad range of pneumatically and electrically driven chemical pumps designed to pump chemicals in precise amounts. Texsteams complete offering includes capacities from .05 gallons per day (.19 LPD) to 2,100 gallons per hour (190,776 LPH) and operating pressures to 12,000 PSI (815 bar). No matter what the conditions are, Texsteam has the right pump for every job. Texsteam is a leader in technology and commitment to the industry. Texsteams service, price, and engineering provides a multitude of choices to meet every application.

1. TEXSTEAM 1200 Series Beam Driven Chemical Injector Pump Description: Designed specifically for operation on a beam pumped oil well, Texsteam 1200 Series Chemical Injectors are positive displacement type pumps powered by direct connection to the movement of a walking beam, rod line or rocker arm.

2. TEXSTEAM 2200 Series Chemical Injection Pump

Features: – 1/ 4 horsepower motor is available in TENV or Explosion Proof, single or three phase – The stroke adjustment is adjustable while running – Fluid ends are 316 stainless steel – Four plunger sizes are available; 3/ 16″ , 1/ 4″ , 3/ 8″ , and 1/ 2″ – The geared motor has a built in gear reducer available in 15, 30, 60 strokes per minute – Maximum volume of 130 gallons per day ( duplex model) – Maximum discharge pressure 1, 000 PSI

3. TEXSTEAM 2400 Series Chemical Injection Pump

Description: The 2400 Series chemical injection pumps are electric driven, positive displacement pumps tilizing C-faced motors and common gear reducers.

4. TEXSTEAM 2500 Series Chemical Injection Pumps

Description: The 2500 Series of Texsteam chemical injection pumps are electric driven, positive displacement pumps utilizing C-faced motors and common gear reducers. The gear reducers are available in 15, 30, 60, and 120 strokes per minute configurations.

5. TEXSTEAM 3700 Series Gas or Air Powered Chemical Injector Pumps

Description: Texsteam Series 3700 Chemical Injectors are pneumatically powered and designed for handling many types of aqueous solutions and other chemicals. Single or double-headed units with three volume adjustments are available in a wide variety of models. Injection pressure to 1500 psi can be achieved with air or gas pressure as low as 50 psi. Units can be furnished with or without reservoirs ( 5 or 10 gallon, other sizes available upon request) .

6. TEXSTEAM 4300 Series Electric Drive Chemical Injector Pumps Description: The Series 4300 Chemical Injectors are electric motor driven, positive displacement pumps utilizing an integral worm gear drive available in three different standard ratios and 6 plunger sizes to provide a wide selection of volumes and pressures .063 GPD up to 325 GPD per head, against pressures from 150 to 5000 psig. An optional 10 to 1 gear reducer, mounted externally, is available for extra low pumping rates from 1-1/ 4 gallons per day down to 1/ 2 pint per day.

7. TEXSTEAM 5000 Series Air or Gas Driven Injector Pumps Description: Texsteam Series 5000 chemical injectors are positive displacement units powered by integral gas/ air motor. These pumps fill the requirements of a broad range of applications because of their ability to achieve high discharge pressures ( up to 12, 000 psi) and wide volume ranges. A horizontal plunger and vertical check valve arrangement assure high operating efficiency.

Texsteam 5101 Series Pump (5.0 GPD, 6000 PSI)

8. TEXSTEAM 5100 Series Air or Gas Driven Injector Pumps Description: The 5100 Series Texsteam Chemical Injectors are single acting, positive displacement plunger-type pumps, powered by gas via a diaphragm with a spring return. Speed control is accomplished by regulating the exhaust gas discharge flow. Reversal is accomplished by a direct spring-actuated switching mechanism ( rotary three-way valve)

9. TEXSTEAM 6100 Series Gas or Air Driven Reciprocating Pumps Description: The 6100 Series Pump line consists of a series of basic pump options all developed from a modular power unit. All units are pneumatically driven positive displacement, single or double acting, reciprocating pumps.

10. TEXSTEAM 9000 Series Gas or Air Driven Double Diaphragm Utility Pump

Description: The Series 9000 Double Diaphragm Utility Pump is a double acting, positive displacement pump operated on either air or gas. A range of operating power pressures from 5 to 100 PSI provide discharge volumes up to 60 gallons of water and discharge pressures up to 60 psi through 2” suction and discharge ports. It handles any liquid from alcohol to mud, liquids containing solids 1/4” in diameter with ease and liquids containing abrasives with a minimum of wear.


With a range of power, sizes, and abilities, the Texsteam MX chemical injection pump was designed with new technology to allow for remote recording and communication with the pump. In order to work satisfactorily under harsh conditions, every pump was made with quality materials to be strong and durable. View the products below to find the item for you. If you have any questions concerning any of our products

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